The Street Geek was a concept between 2015 and 2018 of taking pictures of stylish people! Hoping The Street Geek will be back in 2021 but for now; here are some from the archives, enjoy.

Flashback to 2012 London Fashion Week - If you're going to dress-up, then go the whole hog. Dan here is wearing a three-piece suit and has all the accessories; the pocket square, the brogues, the camel overcoat and the tie-pin. The colour of the suit is unusual but works well in both cold and warmer weather. It's classic, cliché I know, but the blue shirt and wool tie makes it contemporary. Spectacles - Ralph Lauren, Bespoke Suit - Mark Powell, Shirt - Smyth and Gibson, Tie - From Milan, Shoes - ASOS, Coat - Acne
Wednesday, 01 February 2017 23:20

Vintage Street Geek - Giovanni in Hammersmith

2012 - This could be standard outfit of classic winter items such as the duffle coat and cords but by adding the over sized scarf and matching spectacles it becomes a statement. The purple/bluey colours almost looked blurred in the cold and add to the drama this winter weather look. Blue Spectacles - Market in Palermo, Duffle Coat - Aquascutum, Scarf - Market in Florence, Cord Trousers - 4OW, Socks - Happy Socks, Brogues - From Italy
Monday, 09 January 2017 13:59

Vintage Street Geek - Samir in New Cross

2009 - This look is about proportions. Sami's jacket is cropped to give a full view of his jeans but he doesn't look top heavy. He's played to his strengths and accentuates his slim shape. The fitted nature of the jacket compliments the smaller collar on the white shirt and skinny tie. The checks on the jacket and ticket pocket gives interest and adds a more traditional tweedy touch. The six buttons on the jacket also makes the jacket practical. The patent shoes add an air of evening.